It's time to work it out

Whether you want to work as an affiliate or as an instructor, we have all it takes to get you started  and you have no limit; we’ve got your back

Work from home

Whether you are our affiliate or instructor, all you need do is to work at your own schedule and in the comfort of your home

Do what you like doing

You don' t need to acquire any extra skill, enrol for a degree program or take any of our paid courses before you can become our affiliate or instructor

get paid

Once you have done your own part, you can count on us to pay you for your service.

How you can earn real cash

Work as an affiliate

You can earn real cash  by referring people. When you signup as an affiliate,  you get paid for eveyone that buys through your link.

You can promote our courses to your friends on social media, on your blog or website, and through other channels.

work as an instructor

Enjoy the full freedom that online teaching provides. Teach and record your lessons during your free periods, upload your courses and always get paid.  If you already have a good course, you can just upload at once.

You only upload once and you’ll always get paid whencver your course sells.

What some of them have to say

I've been working with Franbiz Academy for over 6 months now, and I am getting every bit of benefits attached and would recommend it to anyone.


I was introduced to Franbiz Academy some months ago and I have seen a huge benefit with the avenue to earn and the flexibility involved.